Welding & Metal Treatment Products


Albright – Acidic aluminium brightener & cleaner


Alu-Weld – Acidic thickened aluminium weld scale cleaner


Cal-Guard anti-spatter spray – Anti-spatter spray


Cal-Guard nozzle dip gel – Nozzle dip gel


Prosol – Cleaner degreaser for aluminium


Prosol – Cleaner degreaser for aluminium


Stainless Steel Clean & Sheen – Non-streak cleaner for hi-finish stainless steel


Stainless steelglaze – Polishing compound for all types stainless steel


Steel Bright – Stainless steel pickling solution for spray and dip applications


S-Weld clean – Staingless steel pickling gel


S-Weld Brite Wash – Stainless steel cleaner & corrosion remover


S-Weld Neutralizer – Neutralising solution for acidic pickling paste


S-Weld Passivator – Passivating gel for stainless steel


S-Weld Passivator Solution – Passivating solution for stainless steel


S-Weld SpatterGuard anti-spatter aerosol – Anti-spatter aerosol


S-Weld SpatterGuard anti-spatter (bulk) – Anti-spatter bulk


Weldbrite – Stainless steel pickling gel


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