TransPocket 1500 TIG


TransPocket 1500 TIG

  • 150 A at only 4,7 kg
  • Remote control facility
  • Additional TIG functions (e.g. TIG Comfort Stop)

The TransPocket 1500 is a fully digitally controlled manual electrode welding machine with resonant intelligence. The ideal characteristic ensures the arc is always stable, even with long mains leads of up to 100 metres or fluctuating mains voltages.

The TransPocket 1500 TIG is guaranteed to weld all electrode types up to 4 mm – including the vertical-down welding of cellulose electrodes. The welding machine is equipped with a remote control connection, and can therefore be controlled directly on-site. Perfect TIG welding up to 150 A thanks to extra TIG functions, e.g. TIG Comfort Stop.


  • Cellulose-compatible
    Vertical-down compatible welding for cellulose electrodes
  • Digital welding process control
    For one-off precision in the welding process, exact reproducibility and outstanding weld properties
  • Gas test function
    for determining and checking the gas flow rate
  • Generator-compatible
    for mobile use, including construction sites
  • Hot start
    Makes ignition of cellulose and rutile electrodes easier.
  • Remote control facility
    Enables user to intervene in the welding process directly on-site and change parameters
  • TIG Comfort stop
    Prevents the arc from breaking at the end of welding. By moving the welding torch in a particular way, the welding current falls automatically, gas shielding is ensured, and the crater is filled perfectly.
  • TIG pulse
    For perfect joining of light-gauge sheets during TIG welding


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