Stoody Special Purpose & Hardfacing Consumables


Manual Arc Hardfacing Electrodes
Stoody 33
ACDC Tube Borium
Stoody 160-E
Build-up & Hardfacing Wires – Open Arc & Gas Shielded
Build Up-O
Super Build Up-G
Stoody 105-G
Stoody 102-O/Cobremax
Stoody RA45-O
Stoody BoroClad-O
Stoody 965-G/O
Stoody 965 AP-G
Stoody 850-O
Stoody 101HC-G/O
Stoody 100HC-O
Stoody Fineclad
Stoody 143-O
Stoody 600
Stoody 130-O
Stoody 160/160DM
Build-up & Hardfacing Wires – Submerged Arc
Stoody 104
Stoody 107
Stoody 105
Thermaclad® 102
Stoody Fluxes
High Alloy Joining & Cladding Wires
Stoody SOS 308L
Stoody SOS 309L
Stoody 2209-T1
Stoody 2594-T1
Stoody 625 & 625LI


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