Speedglas Adflo


3M™ Adflo™  Powered Air Purifying Respirator System

  1.  Nominal protection factor of 50
  2. Factory calibrated with automatic flow control
  3. Two adjustable air flow settings 170 and 200 litres/minute
  4. Exclusive brushless motor technology
  5. NiMH battery eliminates memory build up
  6. LED battery indicator
  7. Four hour fast smart charger
  8. Large surface area particle filter with optional odour and gas filters
  9. LED particle filter indicator and low flow alarm
  10. Extra wide belt for additional padding and back support


Speedglas FlexView with Adflo PAPR

Auto-darkening welding shield and powered air purifying respirator with a 120 x 90 mm clear lens ideal for weld prep and inspection

 Full shift respiratory protection coupled with excellent vision under virtually any lighting conditions


Part No.

446680 With Speedglas 9002X lens and SideWindows, shade 9–13

446670 With Speedglas 9002V lens and SideWindows, shade 9–13

446180 With Speedglas 9002X lens, high impact, shade 9–13

446170 With Speedglas 9002V, high impact, shade 9–13


Speedglas with Adflo PAPR

 Auto-darkening welding shield and powered air purifying respirator

466680 With Speedglas 9002X lens, shade 9–13

466670 With Speedglas 9002V lens, shade 9–13



Full Face Visor with Adflo PAPR

  1. Full face visor provides eye, face and respiratory protection
  2. Clear polycarbonate visor ideal for metal grinding, sanding and refinishing, spray painting, woodworking, flour processing and other dusty environments.
  3. Shade 5 polycarbonate visor for bright lighting conditions, including grinding on reflective metals, oxyacetylene welding, and high temperature metalworking processes.
  4. Also available with a clear solvent resistant acetate visor.


899020 Full face visor in polycarbonate (high impact)

899021 Full face visor in acetate (solvent resistant)

899025 Full face visor in polycarbonate (high impact) shade 5


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