Proban Welders Jacket Blue


Our Hybrid™ jacket features durable grain pigskin sleeves with the leather extending up to the shoulders. This judicial use of premium leather maintains protection where it is needed, eliminating the need for a costly and heavy full-leather jacket. The torso is constructed of breathable flame resistant cotton, as is the redesigned underarm area typically cramped by leather, to provide a balance of protection and comfort. Features include a stand-up welder’s collar, dual angled scribe pockets, extended-length front, a quick-access inside left pocket and zippered inside right pocket, and adjustable waist straps.



  • 9 oz. flame resistant cotton BSX® welding jacket, grain pigskin sleeves
  • Welder’s collar protects against sparks
  • Extended length coverage
  • Dual inside and scribe pockets
  • Adjustable cuff and waist straps
  • Size: S-5XL


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