Mulit-Weld 350


Here’s a better and safer way for welding teams to work on large jobs sites – think ship building, structural steel erection, construction sites. It’s the Multi-Weld 350 system featuring a Multi-Weld 350 control module for each operator powered from the welding lead off a single power source or engine drive. It offers a cleaner, safer job site option for multi-operator welding applications.

Each Multi-Weld 350 is a 350 amp, DC+, 100% duty cycle welder capable of CV-wire, CC-stick welding or arc gouging. Multi-Weld 350s may be used singly or paralleled for 700 amps of superior arc gouging power. With controls located close to the operator for quick access, Multi-Weld 350 has easy to use controls and a large control knob designed for gloved hands providing increased productivity.

Two large, bright digital meters for accurate reading of amps and volts. Digital meters show preset values before welding and actual values while welding while the memory holds the values for 5-seconds after welding stops. Additional controls for hot start and arc force are available behind the hinged door.


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