Invertec V405-TP


The Invertec V405-TP features a digital pre-set meter, with hold function, and a built-in “Variable Pulse” to give the welder the ability to fine-tune the welding focus. This advanced feature allows the arc to be adapted and refined to suit the application while reducing heat input. The outstanding features of this welding equipment provide a more controlled weld, less distortion and increased travel speed. The Invertec V405-TP provides all the advantages of inverter welding technology to produce quality TIG and stick welding work and do it fast. Features of the welding equipment include: HF TIG ignition, Lift TIG ignition, 2 or 4 step, variable down slope and post flow control. As standard, the V405-TP is aircooled, but has the option of adding the Cool Arc 30 water-cooler for even greater productivity. For added safety, the Invertec V405-TP comes with a built-in VRD (voltage reducing device).


Unit Includes

3 metre input lead ( No Plug)

Part no.: K12027-1

Output Range: 5-405A

Rated Input: 30A

Rec Generator: 10 Kva

Input/Phase/Voltage/Hertz: 415/3/50/60

Duty Cycle: 405A/36V @ 35% 300A /32V @ 100%

Dimensions (mm) H x W x D: H 500 , W 270 , D 610

Net Weight (kg): 317


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