Idealarc DC-1000

Idealarc DC-1000

Designed for semiautomatic and automatic welding, the precise control of the DC-1000 delivers superior high amperage MIG welding, flux-cored, submerged arc with air carbon arc gouging with up to 15.9 mm diameter carbons. Designed for high productivity applications, this welding equipment offers a 1000 amp 100% duty cycle able to be operated 24 hours / 7 days a week. Two DC-1000's can be paralleled for up to 2000 amp @ 100% duty cycle output. The all weather protection and submerged dipping of the transformer, choke and SCR assembly in a special epoxy based sealing / insulating material provides extra long life and added protection from harsh environments such as salt air, moisture or corrosive atmospheres. Equipped with a 500A @ 100% terminal for greater control of applications below 450 amp, volt and amp meters and 115 volt auxillary for wire feeders, this unit comes with a comprehensive three year warranty.



Part no.




Output Range




Rated Input




Rec Generator








Duty Cycle


1000A, 44V @ 100%


Dimensions (mm) H x W x D


H 781 , W 572 , D1603


Net Weight (kg)




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Idealarc DC1000


Product Code: K1387-6