The CIGWELD TRANSMIG 250i is a self contained single phase multi process welding inverter that is capable of performing GMAW/FCAW (MIG), MMAW (Stick) and GTAW (Lift TIG) welding processes.
The unit is equipped with an integrated wire feed unit, voltage reducting device (VRD applicable in stick mode only), PFC (Power factor correction), digital voltage and amperage meters and a host of other features in order to fully satisfy the broad operating needs of the modern welding professional.

Processes MIG (GMAW/FCAW), Stick (MMAW), Lift TIG (GTAW) 
Supply Voltage  240 volt AC +/15%, 50/60Hz (15A plug)

Current Range  10 - 250 amps

Duty Cycle         MIG(GMAW/FCAW):250A@40% (40C,10mins,)

                            TIG(GTAW):250A@40% (40C, 10mins)

Recommended Generator 9.5 kVA for maximum welding current

Plant (packed): 42kg


Plant: 630mm(H) x 378mm (W)705mm (D)


TRANSMIG 250i inverter power source, Tweco Professional Fusion 250 MIG Torch 3.6m, COMET Professional Argo regulator/flowmetre, Feed Rolls: 0.9-1.2mm V Groove (fitted); 0.6-0.9m V Groove;1.2m V Groove; 1.2mm U Grove; Pressure Roll 0.6-1.2mm fitted), Contact tips: 0.8mm, 0.9mm (fitted), 1.0mm, 1.2mm, electrode holder with 4m lead, Work Clamp with 4m lead, shielding gas hose assembly, operating manual.





Product Code: Transmig 250i Plant