Slugger HoleMakers

Slugger HoleMakers

Holemaker 30


Quality European Made Machine featuring a powerful dual coil magnet and 920Watt Industrial motor. The HM30’s low profile, integrated coolant system and the ability to quickly change the feed handles to left or right hand operation make this machine ideal for working in confined spaces. Dual rail slide system provides rigidity and eliminates the need for gib adjustments.





Holemaker 40


Quality European Made Machine Featuring an 1100watt Motor, Powerful Twin Coil Magnet Capacity of 40mm Diameter & 52mm Depth of Cut. The QuickGrip arbor provides fast changing of cutters without the need for any tools. The ability to easily accept twist drills up to 13mm (using the optional chuck & adaptor), makes this a versatile machine. Through cutter coolant feed, with an external side mounted coolant tank ensures smooth fast clean hole cutting. With all the above features in a high quality, compact, light weight, durable machine, the Holemaker 40 is exceptional value for money.







With all the features of the Holemaker 40, this unit has the unique
feature of Gear Reduction on the down feed which makes for
smoother hole cutting & ease of operation





Slugger Magforce


Designed & Built By Jancy Engineering Company USA, this is a very unique machine with it's ultra compact quill feed design it maintains a constant working height as low as 285mm & weighing only 12kg the Magforce can be utilized in areas not possible with other machines. The Magforce is perfect for drilling vertical, horizontal or upside down in extremely tight spots. The feed handles can be easily & quickly changed from left to right hand operation, or removed to expose a hex drive which can be operated by a socket & bar or other handtools to add to the versatility of this machine. The robust construction of the cylindrical feed spindle provides rigid support & alignment to the cutter, and with the elimination of slides & gibbs no adjustments are necessary. Positive Slug Ejection System ensures slug will not remain in after the cut.





Slugger SM2X2


Versatility is the haulmark of this machine. Holes up to 52mm diameter by 52mm depth can be produced quickly and efficiently using Slugger cutters, and with the No 2 Morse Taper it is just at home with a Chuck & Arbour or Taper Shank Drills and Reamers up to 23mm.
Featuring a Heavy Duty 2 speed gear box and side mounted coolant
This machine is perfectly suited to engineering workshops & maintenancefacilities, where its versatility is most valuable.





Slugger SM3X3


No 3 Morse Taper Drilling Machine Accepts Slugger Cutters, No. 3MT Drill Bits, Tapping Head, Reamers. Two speed gearbox with soft start, variable speed motor and reverse function, making this machine ideal for tapping. 75mm diameter x 75mm D.O.C Slugger Cutter Capacity.









Slugger SM4X4


Retaining the largest hole-making capacity of all Slugger drills, the SM4x4 accurately produces burr-free holes up to 102mm diameter by 75mm depth. 1400w motor with 4-speed mechanical
gearbox produces superb torque through gear reduction in low speeds. 3/4" arbor bore and No. 3 morse taper spindle bore. Complete with Arbour and Coolant System for use with Slugger Cutters up to 75mm Diameter x 75mm Depth. Optional arbor available to accept cutters up to 102mm Diameter









High Speed Steel Cutters





Industrial Arbors





Drill Chuck and Adaptors










Pilot Pins





Arbor Extensions





Tapping Head





Pipe Attachment





Metal Working Fluid



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