Tungsten Vibratory Feeder

Tungsten Vibratory Feeder

Tungsten Vibratory Feeder


As most of us in the welding and wear facing business are aware, one of the most effective wear resistant products for most applications is Tungsten Carbide. Up until recently tungsten carbide had to be brazed on (eg tiles) to components or deposited by way of expensive electrodes or wires, now there is an affordable easy to use method namely; Mig Carbide Feed System, that can be attached to any M.I.G. machine.

The advantage of this system is that fine carbide particles can be deposited into the weld pool, creating a deposit that is saturated with tungsten carbides, so as to produce ultimate wear resistance, weld free from cracks. The weld material is optional dependant on the base metal requiring protection, Tungsten Carbide particle size is also optional to best suit the application i.e. fine particles for very severe abrasion or larger particles for cutting and grinding.

The Tungsten Carbide Mig Feed System, simply vibrates tungsten particles into a drop tube, then into the molten weld pool. Excellent results have been achieved in many different industry applications such as; 

  • Farming, Brick and Tile
  • Green Waste
  • Hammer Mills
  • Timber debarking
  • Ashphalt Paving Machines
  • Tunnel Boring Equipment
  • Heavy Earth-moving machinery.

So far the most cost efficient method for applying tungsten carbide particles is to use mild steel mig wire and tungsten particles. The reason for this is that the soft mild steel matrix absorbs the impact and the carbides stop the wear, even under extreme conditions such as grinding trees, where metal objects may be present, under these circumstances no spalling or cracking occurs, unlike conventional chromium carbide overlays.

Many thousands of dollars have been saved using this system.

Product Code: VIBFEED