Power Feed 25M

Power Feed 25M

The Power FeedTM 25M is the latest wire feeder designed for the Power Wave® 405M or 455M/STT® power sources. A fully enclosed suitcase style case unit with all the controls conveniently located on the wire feeder giving the operator full control of all processes. Features the patented MAXTRAC® 2 roll wire drive system, MSP4 mode select panel, dual procedure and memory panel, built-in gas flowmeter, and is push-pull ready when used with the Python® Plus gun. The standard 60 waveform programs gives you the flexibility to tackle all welding applications in general/heavy fabrication, aluminium fabrication, high-alloy constructions and pipeline welding environments, with specific waveforms to deliver the optimum welding arc for each specific consumable. The Power FeedTM 25M offers a portable go anywhere solution.


• All welding controls are located on the Power FeedTM 25M

• Push-Pull capability standard (Python® Plus gun)

• Digital Volt/Amp meters

• MAXTRAC® split guide drive system

• Dual Procedure and Memory panel

• Internal heating – protects wire from condensation

• Light weight and portable

• Three year parts and labour warranty

Required Options

Magnum® gun, Drive roll kit, Wire feeder

control cables

Recommended Options

Remote control, Coaxial weld cables


MIG, Synergic MIG, Pulsed, STT®,

Flux-Cored, MMAW, TIG, Gouging

Suggested Power Sources

Power Wave® 405M,

Power Wave® 455M/STT®

Product Code: K2536-1